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birthdays and cake

**i like baking and making cakes. i am by no means an expert, but most enjoy the cakes i make for special occasions. before i forgot, i wanted to compile a list of the cakes that my kids have had for their birthdays, and this is it. some i've made, some i've bought. most of the bought ones were for parties that were hosted far from home, but i wanted to include those for posterity's sake.**

1st: -construction site cake ~chocolate whipped cream icing to look like dirt, plastic construction vehicles
-fish bowl cake ~round, two tier cake with nerds candy pressed into sides for stones and swedish fish pressed into sides for decorations
2nd: -train cake ~green iced cake base, cookies for tracks, blue iced pound cake for train, candy and cookies for decorations
3nd: -fire truck cake ~green iced cake base, buildings made of pound cake and iced with flames, toy fire trucks
4th: -land of dinos cake ~green iced base, chocolate volcano cake with red icing (all for bumble), plastic dino toys and trees on top
5th: -transformer/optimus prime cake ~store bought
6th: -hot wheels/nascar cake ~store bought
7th: -submarine cake ~carved and red iced cake, nilla waffer portholes, straw for periscope
8th: -chocolate cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles ~store bought
-two layer chocolate surprise cake with chocolate icing ~the surprise was that it was made of  brownies instead of cake
9th: -angry birds cake ~store bought
-chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling and chocolate icing ~made by aunt laura
10th: -a cherpumple cake ~a cherry pie baked inside a layer of chocolate cake, a pumpkin pie baked inside a layer of spice cake, and an apple pie baked inside a layer of vanilla cake, all stacked together
11th: -lemon lush (without the nuts)

1st: -land of dinos cake ~green iced cake with chocolate volcano on top, toy dinos for decorations
2nd: -strawberry flavored cake, dyed green
3rd: -spider man cake ~store bought
4th: -power rangers cake ~store bought
5th: -cupcakes at chuckie cheese ~store bought
-monster truck cake ~9x13 green iced based with road iced on top, hot wheels cars being crushed by monster truck for decoration
6th: -monster truck ~store bought
-portal replica cake
7th: -chocolate army cake ~chocolate cake with green icing and gummy green army men, with g.i.joes on top
-chocolate cake with brown camo icing and transforming tank on top ~store bought
8th: -brownies and ice cream cake
-monster truck cupcakes ~store bought
9th: -homemade super fudgy brownies
10th: -homemade fudge brownies and mint chocolate brownines

1st: -basic store bought cake with black and pink roses
-three tiered pink princess cake
2nd: -ice cream cake and six-layer salted caramel chocolate cake with fudge frosting
-chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pink roses ~store bought
3rd: -four layer chocolate and strawberry cake, with chocolate filling and rainbow ganache decorations
-chocolate, pink iced cake ~store bought
4th: -chocolate cupcakes with cotton candy icing
5th: -ice cream sundae bar and chocolate layer cake
-store bought ice cream cake 

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