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October 20, 2011

a new kind of normal

i know i know, it's been a good long while since i've posted anything here. my life has just been absolutely crazy. you know, what with all the things and stuff that have been happening.

or i just let myself get really lazy.

anyway, i'm back! kind of and mostly. really, i've been falling down the rabbit hole of the bloggy world again. i used to follow like 20 blogs a day. and it started taking up all of my time. so i tried to cut back, and only follow the ones that i really liked, or that were really interesting, or that i really connected with, or were written by interesting people that i liked. which meant i was still following like 15 blogs a day. way too many for me to follow and still get my day to day stuff done.

so i did what was the only reasonable option to me, i quit cold turkey. i stopped following all blogs, even my innocent little foodie blogs.

and because i wasn't reading other people's blogs, i didn't feel the need to write in mine.

and now, seven months later, i find myself with a bit more free time. fishie is older and can entertain herself. i can trust that if i leave the room she won't have caught the house on fire... probably. so i've started back up with my blog reading. and as makes sense in my own crazy head, that means writing here again also.

a lot has changed in the months that this blog went into a holding pattern. the basic day to day of my life has totally changed do to unforeseen circumstances. and of course the kids have grown and changed, as kids will do. but mostly my outlook has changed. i really care less about living up to other people's expectations. because i have realized that there are some people i will never please, and some people that will never be happy with what i do and how i live. people are giving me advice and their suggestions, and i totally have the option of not listening to a word they say. i can do my own thing, and my children aren't going to suffer for it. because really, who better than their mother knows what is good for them and how to make them happy?

so i'm changing things up in my life. a change that is long overdue. because when so much else is changing, what's one more?

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