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May 25, 2012

thoughts on moving

so have i mentioned that we got our own house? maybe once or twice. and you really might have noticed something if you follow me on twitter. have i also mentioned that we are not officially moving in until the beginning of june, so the boys can finish out the school year? yeah, i might have talked about that to a few people also. though i'm sure the fact that most of our stuff is already there might have come up in conversation a few times too.

are you sick of hearing about me talk about our new house? well, unfortunately for you, it's the all consuming entity in my life right now, so it's all i've got to discuss. i'm hoping to get back to the regular stream of sugar fueled craziness soon, so sit tight.

anyway, as far as moving goes, every other time we've moved to a new place, it was a rush to pack and unpack. actually, it was a slow build up of boxes, ones that i carefully packed and organized and labelled. and then, if i wasn't done by moving day, my dear hubby (read with sarcasm), would come through the house with giant trash bags, and everything not in boxes went into bags and got thrown on the moving truck. then, when we got to where ever we were moving to, the bags were unloaded and left in a pile in the biggest room in the house, usually the living room. and when i say whatever wasn't in boxes i don't just mean throw pillows, once my pots and pans ended up in a trash bag. books, toys, clothes, whatever needed to go and wasn't breakable. and nothing was ever labelled. yeah, those were good times.

this time is different, for a multitude of reasons. the biggest of which is most of the stuff has been packed for months, and just sitting in make-shift storage. and when all of that was packed, i tried to make sure the boxes were at least labelled with where things came from, like the book shelf in the boys' room or my closet. my mother and sister actually came and carefully packed up my kitchen stuff, the only down side to that was i would have liked to wash the dust off of things before they went into boxes, i just wasn't able to. yeah, add broken water lines to the long list of reasons why we left instead of fixing everything in the old place.

so though i didn't get to see most of my stuff for a very long time, it was all boxed away and sat in piles waiting for moving day. and on moving day, almost everything was easily loaded into the truck and carried into the house. one exception was our giant couch, which was heavy and bulky and really not fun carrying up stairs. but it's in my living room now, so i'm happy.

and my kitchen is put away. and most things are sorted out and sitting in the rooms they'll eventually be living in. at this point, i'm just waiting for help to anchor bookshelves to the walls before i start unpacking everything. and soon comes packing up everything that's not in boxes, all the things we're using day to day. like clothes and pillows. things that i can get my dear hubby to help me pack. things that can easily move in trash bags.

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