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June 19, 2012

a new beginning... again part II

i did it again. and i kept telling myself i wouldn't do it again. i went and disappeared for weeks and left my poor little corner of the interwebs all sad and lonely.

but i had a good reason. or i have a good excuse. or maybe it's a lame excuse, but it's totally true, so that's got to count for something, right?

so see, what happened is this: we moved. seriously. except that anybody that's been reading along with my rambling for the past couple of posts would know that. moving was a very slow process for us. we moved some stuff, and fixed some stuff, and then moved some more stuff. and then it got to the point where almost all our stuff was in the new place, which of course meant unpacking and organizing. which fell squarely on my shoulders.

not that my dear husband didn't try to help, but really it's not stuff he knows where to put because it's not stuff he uses. half of it was probably stuff he was wondering why we had in the first place. though i did get a little upset with him by saying everything that wasn't his or the kids was automatically mine. seriously? because i don't think the bath towels or the glasses we drink out of or broom are solely mine, it just so happens that as the one that is home the most, i am the one that uses that stuff the most, so i'm the one that needs to know where it's new place is in the new house.

anyway, unpacking and organizing was a long process. a process that is technically not quite done yet. but still, it's something i hate doing. it is on my long list of panic inducing activities. so i had to take things slowly to avoid freaking out. because besides setting up the new house, i also had to feed and cloth and diaper all the random little people that also inhabit this space, and i can't do that effectively while sitting in a corner breathing into a paper bag.

so, when i wasn't taking things out of boxes and shoving them in closets, or making more koolaid for the millionth time that day, i was mindlessly surfing around, looking at stupid memes mostly, trying to avoid thinking about anything serious. which also meant i was neglecting to follow along with all the blogs i normally keep up with. not that i read particularly serious stuff, but it sometimes gets to the point where keeping up with all the new content is more work than fun. and i had enough work in my life at the moment. so i stopped reading.

and because i stopped reading, i stopped tweeting, because those activities go hand in hand for me. most of the people i follow are authors of blogs i also follow. and it's one way i interact with those that follow me. but if i wasn't reading new post, i didn't have much to tweet about.

also, because i wasn't reading and i wasn't tweeting, i wasn't really inspired to write. so nothing here. which just turns into a vicious cycle of nothingness. but when you're in the mindset that can't handle anything more stressful than a lolcat, the nothingness makes perfect sense. at least to me.

so there you have it, the "why" for the lack of anything new here.

but wait, you might say, this is new, right? a sign of better times perhaps? and all i can say is i hope so. things have settled down. and hopefully i'll be able to get into some sort of summer time routine, and that will also help to make things go more smoothly. until then, i hope to take things one day at a time, because really, that's all a sane person can do. and i like to pretend i'm mostly sane.

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