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November 15, 2011

it's candy time

every year, i make candy for the holidays. part of the reason behind it is because it's a cheap and easy gift. part of it is because some of the people on my holiday list are impossible to shop for, and candy is something that is a hit. a large part of the reason i make candy is because i truly enjoy making it, and this way i can make it and give it away to grateful people without having to worry about it hanging around the house for me to eat myself.

normally, at this time of year, i would be worrying and thinking about and obsessing over pie. for the past five years, i have been in charge of making pies for thanksgiving dinner, and so i start at the end of october thinking about the different variations of pies, what little tweaks i'll try, which crust recipe i'll use. the reason is because for the past five years, we have been going to my in-laws' for thanksgiving dinner, and though she is an amazing cook, my mother-in-law lacks some skill in the baking department.

this year things are all turned around. this year we will be doing thanksgiving with my extended family, because this year we will be doing christmas weekend with my in-laws. so instead of being able to use pies as a distraction, i have filled that hole with thoughts of candy.

yesterday, i started the process with a test batch of chocolate peanut butter fudge. it didn't come out how i hoped, but i have weeks yet to perfect it. i'm still drawing up my final list of types to make, and there are a few more test batches i want to try. i still need to get my list of recipes together so i can get my ingredients from the store, but i have time. i might not be in the mood to really count down to christmas this year, but i'm always in the mood for candy.

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