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August 1, 2012

my thoughts on politics

it's an election year, just in case you didn't know. and i am not very political. in fact, i have a dirty little secret that might shock some.

i don't vote.

seriously, i don't see a point in it. i vaguely follow the campaigns, the speeches and debates and commercials, but i just don't care. it all seems so pointless to me. there have been candidates that, had i been registered, i probably would have voted for. but then they either didn't win or didn't follow through on all their fancy "campaign promises" that i don't feel guilty at all for not getting out there. because even if i made my voice heard, it doesn't mean that i will be listened to. and it doesn't mean that those politicians will actually do what they say they will do anyway.

the other side of my lack of caring touches more on the unbalanced side of me. i don't deal with confrontation well. in fact, i try not to deal with it at all. and when it comes to politics, there is much confrontation.

it seems to me that everybody picks sides, who they think will win and who best represents them, and then tries to get the other side to admit that they are wrong. and i don't understand how one side can be right, can know exactly how to fix all of our problems, and the other side be wrong. because i personally believe that we all need to work together to make everything flow, and every november, especially when the presidential race is involved, it seems to me that there is less a desire to work together and more a need to explain short comings and point fingers.

yes, there are certain things that i believe that i know not everybody agrees with. and some of those things are topics that candidates have taken a stand on. so there are people running who better represent my view points. still, in the long run, it doesn't seem to make much of a difference who gets put in office.

i know i have more of a hopeless, bleak outlook. but i think that some of the problems in this country are more of society's fault and not the government. it is our mentality as a people, and not those making the rules, that are at fault. and so i don't think it matters who holds the power, because if we continue to teach our children the values of hate and discrimination and greed and vanity, then things aren't going to change. it starts with grown ups needing to make themselves better role models for the youth of the nation, and elections won't fix that.

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