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November 10, 2010

10 reasons....

....why my bumble is way more awesome than your bumble:

1. he has the same horrible taste in music that i do. case in point, he told me to turn it up when green day came on in the car.

2. he always sings along to songs he likes, even when he doesn't know the words. even if it's a song he's never heard before. even if he can't understand what they're saying. when he gets older, we're so going to karaoke.

3. he loves to make up and tell a good joke. the latest and greatest is "what do you get when you combine mercury and earth?" the answer? "BAM! i don't know, but it's science!" ok, so maybe it's a sense of humor only a mother could love.

4. he tells me i'm the best mom everyday.

5. he loves to try and make his sister laugh. and he's really good at it too.

6. he is always interested in how things work and why things happen. he has the innate curiosity of a scientist. and i get to learn something new all the time by looking up answers to all his questions.

7. he has used the phrase "can't we all just get along?" it's just so amusing to hear a seven year old say something that originated in the 90's.

8. one of his favorite things to eat is salad. but he's always up for trying new things. even "circle shrimp," which are really calamari.

9. he is very creative when it comes to drawing pictures. he made me a lovely halloween picture that included a witch, some pumpkins, a vampire, and zombie abe lincoln. yeah, it was a pretty sweet drawing.

10. he loves to cuddle. and hug. and make everybody feel better when they're down. and i don't think he'll ever grow out of caring for people.

so yeah, my bumble is the best bumble ever. way better than your's. are you jealous, because you should be.

ok ok, if you're really nice, i'll share him with you. i know i have to share him with the world. he's in school all day, forgive me for wanting him all to myself the rest of the day. maybe one of these days i'll explain why he's called bumble. it's a good story. and it only has a little bit to do with bees.

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