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November 30, 2010

choices choices

i was at walmart yesterday doing some shopping. i know i know, walmart doesn't have the greatest reputation, but it's easy one stop shopping for a person like me that doesn't always have a lot of time to get things done. plus they have a mcdonalds there, and that alone makes me smile at this time of year.

so there i was, dancing around the aisles, singing along to the christmas songs on the in-store music system. yeah, i know i'm not the best singer, and i got some really strange looks from it. one poor lady must have thought there was something very wrong with me because every time she came to an aisle that i was in, she turned around and went in a different direction. that amused me to no end, of course.

eventually i came to the soup aisle, which though not something strictly on my list, was something i wanted to get because my hubby really has a thing for soup. yeah, we have ramen in our cupboards, because it's a favorite of my boys, but my hubby, he likes real soup. chicken noodle used to be number one on his list, but that's slowly been replaced by vegetable beef. i have to admit here that i despise vegetable beef in all its forms. also, there was a small problem when i found the soups, the campbell's chunky soups were on sale, and there are about five million different vegetable beef combinations. some had noodles and some had rice, some had beans and some had barley, some had chunks of beef and some had ground meat.

i was totally at a lost, so i called my hubby to see what kind he wanted. he made the mistake of asking what kinds they had, so i started reading. after a few minutes he told me to stop and just pick out a few that i thought he'd like. i did that, and i'm really hoping he likes my choices, because i'm certainly not going to eat them. honestly though, most of the pictures on the cans looks almost exactly the same, and i'll bet they all taste pretty similar too. hopefully i did an ok job picking out the soup, but i'd feel more comfortable sticking with ramen.

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