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December 3, 2010

'tis the season

i feel obligated to explain why i haven't posted much this week. especially since last week i wasn't able to post at all. well, as is my luck, i am sick. i would go into the gross and gory details of how much fun i've had hacking up a lung all week, but i'm still not 100% better yet, and am having enough trouble stringing together words to make coherent sentences.

anyway, not only am i sick, but it is the first week in december. and you know what that means? well decorating of course. and there's nothing more that i'd love to do than string lights and hang ornaments. other than curl up with a cup of tea and watch some trashy romance/dramas on tv. or eat some soup. or take a nap. or stop coughing. sadly, i think take a nap is winning this race of things i want to do.

well, my hubby, lovely as he is, has to find busy work around the house when he gets nervous or upset or worried, as he is about me at the moment. usually it involves cleaning and scrubbing and laundry (i knew i married him for a reason), but this week it has been decorating the house. our house is not big, and so there's not terribly much to decorate, but he got up early yesterday to let me go lay down (it was probably all of my coughing keeping him up), and when i woke up the tree was already set up and strung with lights, the train set was already put together, and the only things i had to put out were my special christams candles. he even had the nativity set placed under the tree.

so even though i've been sick all week, my house is looking pretty festive. tonight my boys are going to help hang all the ornaments, something bumble has been looking forward to all week. or maybe he's just looking forward to the hot chocolate and listening to the christmas music he knows will be happening too. either way, should be fun. as long as i can stop coughing long enough to enjoy myself.

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