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December 22, 2010

bad ideas

some time before thanksgiving i believe i mentioned how all the food blogs i follow and all the cooking shows i watch had me convinced that i just had to throw a dinner party.

most of the rest of the post was me lamenting that reality had me convinced it was a really bad idea, though i really didn't like that line of thinking.

well now, with the holiday season in full swing, all the food blogs i follow and all the cooking shows i watch have me convinced that i just have to throw a holiday party. something that's swanky and festive, with tons of yummy appetizers that are totally suitable for piling on cute little plates and eaten with one hand while sipping a tasty beverage, perhaps a holiday inspired cocktail.

i've already started collecting recipes in my head. i've gone so far as to plan out a menu, with some things served hot and some cold. i've figured out the things that i can make ahead, and what i'd need to have prepped and standing by to throw together when all my guests arrive. i've even thought about what bar essentials i'd need to assemble so that if people don't like whatever festive punch/cocktail i settle on serving, they'd be able to mix their own.

of course i've also planned out the decorations, things that are fun and seasonal. i want things bright and colorful, not all just red and green, and especially not those ultramodern black and silver and white affairs. no, i like my rainbow colored twinkle lights, maybe some cute and crafty ornaments hung in random places. i'd try and put together a happy, jazzy music mix, mostly instrumental stuff with a few traditional classics thrown in. and i'd definitely have the fake fire thing playing on my tv.

my guest list is what really trips me up, though. and honestly, i could totally throw a holiday party if i was able to get everybody together that i'd want to. most all of my friends and family get along well enough, and i think they all have a great sense of humor so i'm almost positive that we'd all have a great time. the problem lies in the fact that my friends live in one place and my family in another, with a two and a half hour drive separating them.

so even though i have the perfect party planned out, i know it will never happen, simply because no matter how absolutely wonderful i think it will be, i doubt anybody would drive almost three hours just to attend.

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