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December 14, 2010

'tis the season.... part two

i know this is supposed to be a happy time of year, especially for children. all the anticipation for the presents they know are coming, combined with all the special holiday treats that are only made this time of year. my boys also love all the holiday specials that play on tv and all the fun christmas music that they try and sing along to. and if it actually snows and stays on the ground long enough for them to play in, well that's just total heaven. it's the best time of year to be a kid.

how i wish i was just a kid and could enjoy this time of year again. for me, the holidays always mean extra stress for all the work and preparations that come along with the approaching "big day". trying to make sure everything is ready and as absolutely perfect as possible is a lot of responsibility for someone as scatter-brained as me. and this year i have the added pressure of trying to give fishie a wonderful first christmas. it's just all too much sometimes, i feel like my head is going to explode from the stress.

is that possible? for heads to explode like that? if my head does somehow explode and flying bits of brain matter land on the walls, does that count as decking them? probably not, but it would be nice to think that my last act on earth helped to check one more thing off my to-do list.

anyway, i'm already done buying the presents, so that's at least one huge thing done. most of them are actually wrapped, too, which is amazing and a personal best. and i count my house fully decorated, though truth be told, not all of the christmas boxes were unpacked; i think i'm the only one that actually knows which decorations are missing though, so i still think it counts as being done. most of the cookies are baked, and the few that still need done are the ones that are for my in-laws, who we aren't going to see until new year's weekend, so i've got plenty of time to finish them. today i even found a cute little christmas dress for fishie, thankfully i had lumpy along or i would have been standing in the store all day trying to decided between the gold one or the red one or the red and green one. we/he decided on the red one. and bumble has a new tie to go with his new shirt, and lumpy can just wear the ones bumble wore last year. if i could find him a cheap clip-on tie, then he could have a new one also, but i just can't see spending money on a whole suit when he has one that fits and he only wears it once or twice a year.

so i think all i have left is to get a few things to fill their stockings, which usually consists of candy and chapstick. and i want to try and find dress shoes for fishie, though she's just getting into wearing shoes, so i might just try and find christmas tights and leave it at that. i also have to get all the stuff my hubby needs for the boy scout christmas party next monday, which he just reminded me about tonight. so wednesday i'm off to find a small present for the gift exchange, and glue and a table cloth and everything else he needs for the ornament making station he volunteered to run at the party. and sometime before christmas i still need to finish shopping for everything i need to make candy, and then get to the actual making of it. and i almost forgot that next week both the boys are having christmas parties, and somebody thought it would be a good idea for the kindergartners to have a cookie exchange so i have to send 26 cookies in a container with lumpy to school.

and did i mention that lumpy turns six on friday, so there's all the fun of throwing together a birthday party for him. and taking him for his yearly physical. and fishie is overdue for her nine month check up.

only two more weeks or so until christmas, right? because i for one can't wait until it's over.

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