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November 21, 2010

"my first christmas"

today i have something i want to rant about for a bit. this post will probably be a little bit of a ramble, but try and keep up, ok? i'll do my best to explain the craziness.

so we are coming up on fishie's very first christmas, and i'm already thinking about all the traditions that i started with my boys and want to continue with her. the one i'm having most trouble continuing is the christmas sleeper. see, each of my boys had a special sleeper that i dressed them in on christmas eve that said "my first christmas" and had santa and snowmen and all manner of cuteness all over it. then i would let them wear that same sleep all day long, as their special christmas day outfit. now, finding bumble one wasn't too hard, because on his first christmas he was wearing 6-9 month size clothes, and there were tons of styles to choose from. lumpy was only a week old for his first christmas, so there were also lots of different sleeper type outfits that fit him. now my lovely fishie is going to be 10 months on her first christmas, so one would think i'd still be able to find a "first christmas" sleep to fit. but no, my fishie isn't like normal 10 month old babies, she's already wearing 18 month size clothes, and they don't make "my first christmas" sleepers in 18-24 month size.

ok, to explain for those that don't understand baby clothing sizes, when most babies are born they wear 0-3 month size, then comes 3-6 then 6-9 then 9-12, and then after that usually comes 18 month and then 24 month. after that comes 2T and 3T and 4T. now i guess the sizes are named for the average size that babies are, that most babies that are 9 or 10 months like my fishie is would actually fit in the 9-12 month size. and there are "my first christmas sleepers in the 9-12 month size.

the problem really is that none of my kids were the normal and average size. most normal and average babies are 6-8 pounds when they are born, which is why the 0-3 month size is supposed to fit 6 to 10 pound babies. my babies, on the other hand, were all around 10 pounds when they were born, so they skipped the 0-3 month size and were wearing 3-6 right out of the gate. and of course they just kept getting bigger from there. so now, with fishie's first christmas approaching, i want to get her a "my first christmas" sleeper, because even though she's wearing 18 month size clothes, she really is only 10 months and it really is her first christmas. but i guess most clothing manufacturers don't feel the need to make first christmas stuff in sizes larger than 12 months.

i do get their logic, i really do. most normal sized babies don't need bigger sizes like that, so most normal babies wearing 18 month size clothes have already had a christmas. and they do make bibs and silly little hats in her size. and they do make christmas themed sleepers with raindeer and santa and such. but no "my first christmas" sleepers, even though it is her first christmas. so either i figure out something else to dress her in and stop the tradition, or i can make something myself, and i'm really not crafty in that sort of way.

i'm not sure what to do about this. i do understand why they don't sell what i'm looking for. still, that doesn't mean i'm any less upset about it all. my poor little fishie isn't so little after all i guess.

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