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December 28, 2011

christmas super fun time, part one

i suppose, after all the worrying and complaining i did about christmas, i should post something about how things went for us. honestly, things went better than i thought they would, though there were some very sticky patches.

i suppose i'll just give all the details, starting with the 23rd. well actually, i'll mention that the boys stayed with my dad and paula overnight on the 22nd, because he always likes to keep them sometime around the holidays and take them shopping so they can pick out things for my hubby and i. so most of the night of the 22nd was washing clothes and packing, making sure all the presents were wrapped, and trying not to forget anything. which is honestly impossible for me, because i always forget something. this time it was lumpy's medicine, so thank goodness for rite aid and refills.

anyway, so i get up early on the 23rd, go pick up bumble, and take him to his doctor's appointment in the morning. then i come back to the house to finish packing. eventually my hubby wakes up, my dad and paula bring lumpy home, and we load up the car and head off to my in-laws' house.

instead of jumping right into christmas festivities, we have a surprise birthday party for lumpy, as his actual birthday is a week before christmas, but with the way things are, none of our friends and family from uptown were able to make the party we had here. so, hubby takes all the kids bowling, and i set up for a surprise party, with pizza and cake and fun like that. things went as well as they usually do, but i got a real treat later in the evening. my dear mother-in-law said she would watch all of my kids so hubby and i could go have an "adult night out" with some friends we rarely get to hang out with anymore.

after the fun of friday, i did not exactly get an early start on saturday. but still, there was plenty of time to get back to my mother-in-law's to get the kids ready for christmas eve service. my kiddies looked adorable, the boys so handsome in their ties, and fishie so cute in her dress and patent leather shoes. after service, it was just the kids and my hubby and his parents, so we watched some christmas specials, had some cookies and egg nog and got everything ready for santa. and i still got to read the boys "twas the night before christmas," which has been our tradition since they were little.

well, the next morning they got up and santa came! in truth, dear bumble, my early bird, got up before the sun and went down to check and make sure santa had actually found them. then he sat on the edge of my bed, waiting for me to get up too. that's another lovely christmas tradition.

after waiting forever for their dad to get up, the kids were finally able to open their presents. we took their stockings and a few little things uptown with us, but left most of the big stuff back home, because it would have been just too much to travel with. i even made sure "santa" left a note explaining there were presents waiting for them at the grammies' house. so they were satisfied.

and we had cinnamon rolls and egg nog for our special christmas breakfast. so even though it wasn't french toast, i was still satisfied.

the rest of our christmas exploits i think i will leave for another time. because though christmas day was fun, the events of the 26th were just epic.

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