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January 12, 2011

i have the mind of a five year old

it must be true, because there are so many things that i wanted to say today. i even had a few things that i wanted to write yesterday, that i tried to write, but nothing came out quite the way i wanted it to. the reason should be obvious to any of the ten and under set, it's because it snowed last night.

even now, i'm having trouble concentrating. all the snow outside is so pretty. and last night watching it fall was so distracting, the whole world got so quiet. the only thing out was the soft fluttering of flakes slowly drifting down, covering everything and a perfect and shimmering blanket of white. even now my yard looks so pristine. i know the roads will be a slushy mess, but i'm sure i can get back and forth to the bus stop without too much issue.

also, i am convinced that my scattered brain is because it snow last night and has nothing to do with the fact that i might be getting sick. just because we had a birthday party on sunday and over half the people that were there got very very sick doesn't mean that i'm going to get sick. i'm perfectly fine and healthy. i just happened to stock up on saltines and ginger ale because they're delicious.

seriously, i just need to find my snow boots and a sled and i'll be fine. somebody get the hot chocolate ready, extra marshmallows please.

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