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January 4, 2011

goodbye 2010, hello 2011

yes, i know i'm a little late on this kind of post. but we were visiting the in-laws during new years weekend, and they don't have internet. yeah, we got back on sunday, but yesterday was a crazy day of doing laundry and getting the house back to normal after the holidays, among other things. so here i am, a few days late, but still, i figure it's only natural that i do one of these silly year ending wrap up type posts. i mean, everybody else did, why not me?

so, there was a lot that happened in 2010. biggest, most important, most life changing was of course the arrival of my little fishie in february. after years of only having two kids, and not actually really wanting more, she came as a huge surprise. and the fact that she is a girl was also pretty major. i have much experience with boys, in fact i've been outnumbered in my own house for a long time, so when i found out fishie was a she and not a he, i wasn't sure how i was going to manage it. so far, i think i've done ok, though babies are babies, no matter the gender. all they want is a warm bottle and a dry diaper, it's when they get older that the differences really show.

actually there were a lot of changes to my family in 2010. a few other new babies came, and unfortunately there were a few dear loved ones that left us. it's hard to deal with death, but harder still when you have to try and explain to your kids why things like that happen. sadly enough, my kids have been to more funerals in their few years than some adults i know. lumpy definitely has an interesting perspective on the subject, and it always catches people off guard when he talks about it.

and speaking of my dear lumpy, 2010 was a better year for him: no long hospital visits. i think all of his medication finally has things under control. now is just a matter of being vigilant to any changes to try and prevent him from getting so sick again. but at least now i know what to do if things start going bad.

bumble i think also had a better year. the start of first grade in august was a little rocky, but things are starting to smooth out. he's getting the help he needs, mostly because his teachers are finally realizing that there are certain areas where he does need help. everyday is better and better for him, and that makes me very happy.

i truly believe that 2011 will be a good year for all my kids. fishie will just be turning one, but she's almost started walking already. she's a very mobile fish. she's easy to keep happy too, but like all my kids that's not too hard; just give them an empty box and they can amuse themselves.

my wish for lumpy is to remain healthy this year. and maybe conquer some of his social issues. his random talking is very annoying, but it's hard to get him to understand that he doesn't need to try and explain every little thing to people. and also he needs to understand that just because he starts talking doesn't mean people are listening to him. i suppose he just needs to figure out what is really important and focus on sharing that information, then people might be more apt to listen to him.

i know bumble has some struggles a head of him, but i just hope he understands that it's ok to ask for help if he needs it. just likes it's ok to get upset and frustrated and to need to take a moment to collect yourself, as long as you don't give up.

of course i have the general and generic 2011 wishes for health and happiness to all i know. i hope that everything going on with my father-in-law turns out to be small potatoes. i hope that all my nieces and nephews stay safe and grow well. i hope my friends (especially a certain few) can find what it takes to make them truly happy and that they can achieve it. i hope my sisters have good luck and little stress with school. and i hope all my parents on all sides understand how lucky they are to have the wonderful grandchildren that i've given them. and that they all stay healthy throughout the year of course.

so i think that's it. i know i know, it got deliciously cheesy at the end, but i just couldn't help myself. i'm thinking of changing things up in the new year, but i have a feeling laziness might prevail. still, my one resolution is to try and keep this little blog going for as long as i can. so far so good.

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