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January 9, 2011

a letter to a fish

my dearest fishie,

you are cute and adorable. you are also huge. you need to stop growing, NOW! seriously, you are too big. you are only 11 months old, and yet you wear 18 month clothes. how am i supposed to find you a "my first birthday" shirt in the 18-24 month range? i'm not even going to entertain hope about finding something for your very first valentine's day.

also, you need to stop being so mobile. there is no reason for you to have learned how to climb stairs. really, if you are hanging out in the basement at the grammys' with your dad watching football, i don't want to have to worry about you breaking free and climbing up the stairs to find me. i get children randomly wandering places they shouldn't be enough with your brothers. oh how i miss the days where i could put you on the floor and you'd still be exactly where i put you in five minutes.

you are beautiful, my little fish, and your hair is getting long and curly. and staying a lovely shade of blond. and you still have your deep blue eyes like mine. i have a feeling i'm going to be in a world of trouble when you get older and discover boys. or when they discover you.

one thing you need to understand though, is that there are other children in this house besides you. and sometimes i need to help them and deal with their issues. so standing beside the gate that keeps you in the living room crying and yelling and shouting "mom" and "hey" and "hey mom," really does not help the situation to resolve faster. it's just incredibly annoying. but i still love you.

yes, for all this and more, i still love you, my wiggly noisy silly not-so-little fishie. because you are mine, and i think you're totally ok with that fact.

much love,
your mommy

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