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March 7, 2011

she's just got too much junk in her trunk

maybe it's always been this way with baby girl clothes. i honestly wouldn't know, with two little boys ahead of her, fishie is the first baby girl i've really been buying clothes for.

i love my little fishie. she's happy and adorable. but, like everybody else in this family, she's a little chunky monkey. now, she's not one of those ridiculously huge, get on tv, freak show babies, she's just a little heavy for her size, but it's nothing that her doctor is worried about. and now that she's actually walking, she is slimming down some. still, the little jeans and pants i try to put her in don't fit her very well.

for her birthday, fishie got lots and lots of clothes, mostly because she needed them and it's what i explicitly asked for. most people bought her cute little outfits in the sizes i told them. the problem i'm finding now is that the shirts fit her perfectly, but the pants really don't.

for some reason, the people who designed and made these outfits decided that little girls clothes should look just like big girls clothes in smaller sizes. most of the pants that go with the outfits have curves. the pants have a low waist and a bottom that bubbles out, then the legs get skinny to show off the hips, then the pants flair out at the bottom again, boot-cut/bell bottom style. this is craziness, babies don't have hips to show off, and they don't really need boot cut pants. maybe it's just my little fish, maybe she's the strange one, but i highly doubt that other one year old babies have curves that need accentuating.

i've always said that most babies are just babies, whether they are boys or girls. they sleep, they eat, they like affection and attention, they move and crawl and explore their world, they like the same toys, even if some toys are marketed in a gender specific way (though that's a rant for another time). most babies of the same age are also the same shape. some babies are chunky and some are skinny, but i've never seen a baby, girl or boy, with curvy hips. and honestly, even if babies did have curvy hips and skinny legs, that's not something i think is appropriate to showcase.

my fishie is a big girl, and her legs are big too. i like to think that it gives her stability when she's walking and crawling. a big base, from an engineering standpoint, usually means something is structurally sound. and maybe there are skinny babies out there, my kids never fell into that category. so maybe there are little girls that fit into these pants that are supposed to be the size that fishie needs. but most of these pants will not fit, i just can't pull them up far enough. the legs of the pants don't go over her chunky thighs, and the waist fall down off her big bottom, so the whole pair of pants is falling off, making it seem like it's way too long for her. and because she is walking, it is more important now that she wear pants that fit well so that she can move in them and not trip over them.

so i've resorted to buying her little boy jeans. the waist is elastic, and the legs are huge and roomy, straight all the way down. it's perfect for her to move in. and jeans are jeans, plain blue denim, so nobody can tell they weren't made for girls if i don't tell them.

i don't think fishie will always be this big. like i said, now that she is moving and walking, she's really slimming down. and if she's like her brothers, and so far she is, she'll go through a growth spurt soon and shoot up a few inches without gaining any weight. then maybe she'll be able to wear some of these curvy pants she's got. though by then it might be warm enough to put her in cute little skirts. the ones that she has i know will fit and give her plenty of room to move and grove. even if some say they're too short.

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