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September 21, 2010

a beary cute story

as you know, i went to j-town for my sister-in-law's baby shower on saturday. now, she's having a girl, and i just had fishie back in february, so as she's growing out of all her little baby girl clothes, i'm able to pass them along to my coming-soon niece. plus, i've passed along a travel swing and a few other random things, and once i have the rest boxed up, it'll all go too. so, being that i was also making the cake, i really didn't feel the need to buy anything for the shower. still, i would have felt weird going and not having at least something to give then.

now some of you might not realize this, but i am a pack rat. and worse than that, i like to try and keep the things that my family are given looking as nice as possible. i've loosened up in recent years concerning the stuff my boys get, but for a long time, if they got something really nice, i didn't really let them have it because i didn't want them ruining it. which of course means i had boxes and bags full of toys and clothes they outgrew that were in like new condition.

most of their old things have already moved on to my nephews, and a very few extra special things i'm keeping to give to my own grandchildren whenever i should finally have any (i know, bumble is only seven, but it doesn't hurt to look towards the future). so of course i still had the bear, and i think no one else but me even remembered its existence.

there is, of course, a story behind it.

when my niece bri was born, her uncle (not my hubby) gave her a bear. her very first bear. and so it wouldn't get lost, my sister-in-law, her mother, wrote her name on the tag. now, when bumble was born, sweet girl that she is, she gave the bear to him. it sat on a shelf in the nursery, and there is sat when lumpy was born. soon, my boys weren't babies, and their little baby toys got packed up.

recently, i was cleaning out a closet and found a box of baby stuff i didn't even remember i had. i went through and gave away what i didn't need, and saved for fishie the stuff i could use. and there i found the bear, still perfect, just a little dusty.

and so, evil woman that i am, i wrapped up the bear and gave it back at the baby shower. she opened it and looked at it and i had to explained what it was. then she looked at the tag which still had her daughter's name on it. and then she started crying.

making pregnant women cry, it's what i do. like i said, i'm evil.

i don't think she even remembered that bear existed. which of course made it even more perfect.

and hopefully the bear will still be around, ready to get passed on to the next generation. because i think that would make for a beary cute story.

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