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September 22, 2010

fashion unconscious

it is officially fall now, which of course means cooler temperatures. or at least i thought that's what it meant here, even though the weather channel tells me it'll be 94 on friday(?!?!), but warm weather isn't what this post is about. technically it's not really about cold temperatures either. it's going to be about how fishie needs to stop growing so quickly, and that she only had two sleepers that fit her big bottom, and that after having two boys i was sorely lacking in the baby girl clothes department.

i honestly didn't know what i was going to do.

well this morning it was mommom to the rescue!

she had been talking for awhile about taking fishie and i out on a shopping spree, so she could spoil her precious grandbaby with new outfits, and finally our schedules clicked and we were able to go.

on my random errands out and about over the past few weeks i had been looking at the winter clothes as they were being stocked. i had noticed a sad trend in little girl clothing. it seems that the in style is long shirts or dresses and leggings, which is all well and good on a skinny girl, but on a chunky monkey like my fishie leggings just get caught up around her diaper bottom, and instead of going to ankles they'd stop at her knees. that's all well and good during spring, but when it's down in the 60's, i kind of want her whole leg to be covered. this is why i wasn’t sure how i was going to manage clothes shopping, because i knew i’d have to try clothes on fishie, and for some reason they don’t actually have changing areas for babies. i guess most people know exactly what size they need to get for their kids... lucky people.

so really, that's why i was so thankful that mommom was able to come along. having an extra hand while trying to manage to squeeze a squirming baby into a pair of pants perched on a display shelf is not the easiest thing to do by yourself. it was also very nice to have someone help pick outfits also. anyone that really knows me could tell you i am not the most fashion forward or trendy person. my style is past casual and into the realm of pajamas. i pity my girl when she gets older, at least she has five aunts to show her the way. and now she has a bunch of cute outfits to keep her warm in the coming months. until she grows again.

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