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September 16, 2010

realizing my dreams, one baked good at a time

i love cinnamon rolls. i mean, i really love cinnamon rolls, so much so in fact that whenever we go to visit the inlaws, and we have the money, i force my hubby to stop at the midway travel plaza of the pa turnpike, simply because there's a cinnabon there. then i would buy their gooey, overpriced, slightly underdone rolls and try not to get icing all over the dashboard. it is strange and awkward and shamefully wonderful, and i am totally ok with that.

the crazy thing, though, was that i never actually tried to make my own cinnamon rolls at home. anyone that knows me knows i have a thing for baking, and i've been told i have some skills, but for some reason making cinnamon rolls always seemed out of my league. (kind of like making caramel, but that's another story for another day.) now i'll admit that i've used those pop tubes to bake some when i really needed a fix and i wasn't willing to drive two hours, but it was never as good.

as i've mentioned, i follow various food blogs, and lately it seems they've all been talking about cinnamon rolls. maybe it's because cold weather is approaching and we like warm and comforting things this time of year, or maybe cinnamon is the hot new food trend, or maybe it's just that everybody else has begun to realize how awesome cinnamon rolls are too. whatever the case, i felt the need to try out one of the recipes i've found, especially since it said the word "foolproof" in it, and this fool just had to test that out.

and so i made cinnamon rolls. i started last night, in fact, letting the dough have a cool rise overnight in the fridge. the recipe i used makes a ton of rolls, and i was only planning on baking half today and the rest tomorrow, just in case things didn't go well with the first batch and i needed some time to prepare myself. after bumble and lumpy were off to school, i rolled out the dough and made cinnamon sugar filled pinwheels of awesome. yes, it was a bit sloppy, a bit messy, the dough ripped in a few places that i had to patch, the filling oozed out the ends, but eventually i got them in the pans. then another quick rise, utilizing my new favorite kitchen gadget: a heating pad. i mean, in a drafty house like mine, where else am i supposed to find a warm and happy place for the yeast to do its thing? anyway, after that the pans went into the oven, which smoked like crazy because of butter and sugar spillage due to overcook, but the house still kind of smelled delicious, even with the smoke detectors going off. then, out of the oven and covered in icing. eventually they were cool enough to dig into, and they were every bit as glorious as i hoped they'd be.

so i finally did it, yummy gooey cinnamon rolls out of my oven made by my own two hands. i am so proud of me. and it's especially wonderful, because on a day were it seems like nothing went right, i have happy little treats in my kitchen to help make the world a better place.

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