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September 25, 2010

the best laid plans...

so when last we spoke, i talked at length about apples and pie and such. as much as i would love to tell of how many wonderful pies i made, and how great they smell and awesome they taste, if i want to be honest i really can't say any such thing. now, it wasn't because things didn't go well in the kitchen, it's more like i found other, better things to buy at the farmer's market on friday. concord grapes for instance, which were so ripe they made my car and the fridge smell fabulous, a smell which also reminds me of long ago and far away when my family would visit my great grandparents farm, because they had vines in their yard. i also bought peppers, which i am turning into stuff peppers as we speak. so even though things didn't quite go as planned, i have plenty of good things to eat.

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