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September 17, 2010

birthdays and cake

dear fishie,

happy seven month birthday. you are adorable. i love you very much. i wish you could stay this little forever. now you just need to learn how to say "mama" because i'm tried of hearing "da da da" all the time.

stay golden pony boy love,

now then, on to making a baby shower cake. i kind of got volunteered for it, though really for all my complaining about having to do it, i don't mind. i actually enjoy making huge cakes for people, practicing my skills to make things beautiful and delicious. and the best part of making cakes? no matter how crappy they might look, i know they'll taste good. i had plans for something more complicated then what i'm going to attempt, but i have to make it at home because i won't have time before the party tomorrow morning, so i had to change the design to something that will survive the trip to j-town. still, there's so much that could go wrong, fingers crossed everybody!

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