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September 29, 2010

my obsession for group theme costumes

it's that most wonderful time of year again in a child's life: halloween. when otherwise responsible parents allow their children to dress up and go knocking on doors at night asking strangers for candy.

ok ok, so most parents don't just let kids throw on a costume and go out and about. i'm sure most subscribe to the same practices that i do, which is we go with our children in well lit areas, only going to houses of people that we know. still, the getting free candy and running home to gorge yourself is pretty sweet to anyone under 10. and many over 10 i'm sure.

well, knowing halloween is coming fast, and not wanting to have to dig through the lame costumes that get left behind (really, what kid wants to be uncle sam?), i went this morning and picked out what my kids are going to be. of course, we sat down together and decided what kind they wanted and i went and got it for them. or, really, it was we sat down and they decided to agree with what i wanted them to be.

it may sound strange to some, but i really care what my kids dress up as. i mean, they're boys, and until fishie gets older, i don't really have to worry about costumes like "sexy nurse" or "sexy fairy" or "sexy black cat." i do want them to dress up as something different every year, and even though it may sound crazy, i like to pick a theme for them to be. i'm really not sure why, but i like it when my kids dress in theme costumes. like last year they were both ninjas, and the year before that they were transformers, and the year before that they were both superheros. four years ago would have been lumpy's first halloween, and i wasn't in a position to buy them both costumes, so we raided the dress up chest, and bumble was a fire fighter and lumpy was fighter pilot, which kind of works as "cool occupations" theme.

so now, to continue the tradition of themes, my boys will be knights, which they were totally fine with. much like letting them be ninjas last year, any costume where they get to carry around a sword is fine by them. now, i know i could have dressed up fishie as a princess to match, but i think she'll make a much cuter dragon. i even plan on sewing bows on the little head piece, just so people know she's a girl dragon.

so this year is done. now to start planning the costumes for next year. i mean, it never hurts to be prepared and look ahead, right? and discounted, end of season costumes are so much cheaper. maybe bumble would be uncle sam, and i could probably throw together a statue of liberty costume for fishie, now what could lumpy be?

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