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October 4, 2010


here's a short list of the random things i'm thinking about that keep me up at night (some are more important than others):

will fishie ever start crawling, or will she move onto walking like her brothers did?

how can i get lumpy to settle down and listen? is he just a normal, hyper five year old, or is this something i need to talk to somebody about?

will bumble ever get a break in school? he tries so hard and loves to go to school, but everything is such a struggle for him.

will i ever be able to find boots that i actually like that fit comfortably that don't cost $100?

who pays $100 for boots that are more fashion than function?

will the boys go through a growth spurt and need new clothes before the end of winter, or will lumpy's skinny butt still fit into the pants that he wore last year?

is all the rain we're supposed to get this week going to cause a flood again?

will i ever be able to find a house that i can afford that's not in a flood plain?

would it be a bad thing to just make a cake for dinner, because that's all i really want to eat... gooey and chocolately and still warm out of the oven...

do i have time to make a cake right now before i have to get lumpy off the bus?

excuse me please, i think i have some very important work to do.

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