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October 12, 2010

can i get a mulligan?

today is a bad day. it started off rough, having to fight to get the kids out of bed and to eat breakfast and to get ready for school. the only thing they were looking forward to was the fact that i told them it was still raining this morning and they love rain.

of course, they're young boys, so rain equals mud equals fun stuff to jump in, preferably on the way to the bus stop so they get nice and dirty before they even make it to school. these are days where i wonder why i even bother making sure they have clean clothes and take baths.

needless to say, when we opened the door and found the rain had stopped, they were very bummed, which is not a good way to start the morning, it leads to problems later which will be explained in a minute.

anyway, after the boys got on the bus, i got to run home and have some coffee before driving all the way down to the doctor's office so fishie could get the second half of her flu shot. flu shots are very important for us, as it seems to be the flu that triggers pneumonia in lumpy, and we're really trying to stay out of the hospital this year. so we all get flu shots, even my little fish. it was funny, when she got the shot, she just gave the nurse a look like "why are you holding my chubby leg still and sticking sharp things into, don't you know i like to kick?" no crying from her, just that look. and all the way home, she was laughing and cooing. so it was nice that she enjoyed the hour round trip for a five minute office visit.

now though, she's super grumpy. crying and screaming so much she woke up her daddy. which isn't good because he didn't get to sleep until late this morning, and he has to go out to work early tonight. and on top of a very upset baby i'm having to deal with an angry lumpy. he's not allowed to feed the fish anymore, as he was over feeding them, and he had a total meltdown, so much so that i made him go lay down in bed for an hour of quiet time. this is what usually happens when he starts the day off on a bad foot.

so yeah, i've just been waiting for this day to be over. in truth, halfway through i wanted to go to bed and get back up and start over from the beginning. i'm really hoping tomorrow will be better.

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