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October 11, 2010

a random bit of everything

there were a million and one things i wanted to talk about here over the past few days. but i didn't. and now i shall commence with the lame excuses.

i wanted to mention that i do not have, nor probably ever will, any pictures here. i know i know, pictures make a blog more interesting, it draws in readers, mostly because i'm realizing "normal people" aren't down with reading walls of text. (i put quotes for normal people, because i am totally fine with reading walls of text, or maybe just looking at walls of pics and making up my own text, but i think i'm just weird like that) i've never been much of a photographer. growing up, my dad always took crazy amounts of pictures when we went on vacation, and now my hubby takes all the pictures of the kids that i could ever hope to need. maybe eventually i'll get in the habit of taking pictures and there'll something pretty to look at here, but i think i have to stop shaking so much when holding a camera first.

i also was going to talk about how my dad's birthday is coming up, and i'm trying to figure out what to make. in truth, i might not being doing all the cooking this time around. still, i volunteered to make the dessert for the meal. i'm trying to think of something yummy that'll be a little different. my dad is not a big cake fan, so i'm thinking some kind of pie, maybe something seasonal. i'll try and let you know what i come up with.

we also went to the national zoo in washington yesterday, but i think i'll save talking about that tomorrow, because there's so much to say. and fishie is almost crawling, though she's also almost able to pull herself up to a standing position, so i think she might just skip the crawling and start running soon. it'll be the only way she can keep up with her brothers. and speaking of brothers, it's that bad time of year for lumpy again. here's hoping he doesn't get sick again, keep your fingers crossed.

so add all that to all the school work and house work, and trying to figure out how to make a bumble into a dancing bear, i've been busy. i'll try and do better with keeping up with posting here. this incarnation of my blog won't be like all the rest, honest! still, i think that's all i've got time for today. stay tuned for a longer description of our zoo trip, coming soon.

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