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October 18, 2010

taste is the important thing... so just close your eyes and eat

i finally got around to making apple pies over the weekend. i had such high hopes, but things did not go well. normally it takes me five minutes to throw together a crust and get it rolled out and in a tin, but on saturday, it took me half an hour to scratch out something that kind of sort of worked. i nearly gave up except all the apples were already peeled and needed some place to go. if my mother hadn't stepped in i think i would have given up on pies completely and made a bunch of pans of cobbler.

still, i was able to bake two. they kind of looked like pies, though that was helped because they were sitting in pie tins. maybe they weren't really pies, they were just filling and chunks of dough pretending to be pies. secret evil ninja baked goods that sweep into a kitchen and disguise themselves as pies, plotting and scheming their take-over plans. crisis averted on that front, because they were still eaten and still tasted delicious, which is the important part, right?

i'm debating on whether or not to get more apples and try again. i have made some cakes and cobblers already this year, in addition the "pies" from this weekend. it's starting to get late in the season, and i know if i want some decent apples that i'll have to get some sooner than later. though waiting isn't always such a tragedy, because then i can just make apple sauce. of course, pumpkins are really coming into their own now too, and now that i have a food processor to play with, i'm considering making my own puree for pies and such. and then there's that old standard, pecan pie, a recipe i'm still trying to perfect. whatever i decide, i have a funny feeling there'll be a lot of baking in my future.

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