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October 5, 2010

crack cookies

over the weekend i decided to make some cookies, which really isn't that unusual for me. i mean, warm and chewy, sweet and creamy fresh cookies, who wouldn't want some? truthfully, i don't think making cookies from scratch is that difficult, and my kitchen is well stocked that i always have everything on hand that i need to whip up a batch.

the sad thing is, for as much as i wanted homemade cookies, i was feeling equal parts lazy. what to do, what to do... make cookies or be lazy and have no cookies?

awesomely enough, my obsessive preparedness saved the day. i could be lazy and make cookies at the same time! enter sugar cookie mix.

i've had this bag of mix in my cupboard for months now, and i know i picked it up for a reason, but somebody help me i can't remember what the reason is anymore. so i figured i'd use it for its intended purpose and make actual cookies with it. throw it in a bowl with a softened stick of butter and an egg and bob's your uncle, or whatever fun phrase you deem appropriate.

i do have to say that i mixed up the dough and it was looking a little sad and lonely. it needed just a little something extra to give it a complete and meaningful existence. so i did what any self respecting candy fiend would do and chopped up two heath bars and threw them in also.

after that it was a matter of scooping the dough onto trays and baking them in the oven. waiting for them to bake was the longest part of the operation.

i took them with us to my moms' when we went to watch the game, and they got rave reviews. almost makes me think i try too hard when i do make stuff from scratch if these cookies that took five minutes of work were such a hit. i'm thinking i need to start cooking smarter, not harder. whatever that means.

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