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October 27, 2010

thoughts on trick or treating

no, this isn't going to be about whether there should be an age limit on tricking or treating and whether it should be imposed or not. though i do believe that it's the parent's responsibility to enact age limits, both with their own children and to not hand candy to anyone they think is too old. just because as a child you can go out and get free candy doesn't mean you should, it doesn't mean it's always appropriate, and it certainly isn't something you're entitled to do. so don't be surprised that if you look too old a door or two gets slammed in your face. or at least that's what would happen if you came to my house.

and don't think that if you're too old to get treats, you should put the trick back in the night. keep in mind that causing petty damages, like egging a house or smashing pumpkins, are all fun and games until the cops get called.

not that i know from personal experience or anything.

no, this post is actually going to be me whining about how i wish that someone still made a certain product that i think is perfect and brilliant for trick or treating children. i know, it might seem much less interesting, but hear me out, because maybe you, and only you, can help in my quest to find these awesome buckets again.

yes, buckets, the kind that little kids carry around and hold out while yelling "trick or treat!" these buckets were bought for my boys three or four years ago, and i've carefully kept them ever since, simply because i can't find them anymore.

they are a brilliant design, a little impression in the bottom holds a small light bulb powered by two AA batteries. when you turn them on, the whole bucket glows, and with the light bulb on the bottom, it lights the ground where they're walking at the same time.

i know that a concern for parents is the fact that some costumes are hard to see in the dark, and we worry about our kids getting hit by a car when running from house to house. but these buckets make them easily visible. and they look much nicer then hanging glo sticks around their neck.

also, i think that they're better than flash lights, because kids are going to be carrying something to put the candy in anyway, so by making the bucket light up, it still leaves a hand free so you can hold hands when crossing the street. or to ring door bells.

i can't tell you how many people have commented on how great they think my boys' buckets are when we go out on halloween. i really wish i could still find them somewhere, simply because fishie needs her own now too. maybe someday the manufacturing gods will hear my pleas and start producing them again. until then i'll keep an eye out, because finding one would certainly be a treat for me this time of year.

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