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October 13, 2010

"but i don't want to"

have you ever had something you really needed to get done? something that was important and nobody but you could do it? and did you ever feel like you'd be willing to do anything other than that thing you are really really supposed to be doing?

come on, you can't tell me that i'm the only one that feels like that.

i mean, what sane person likes to do laundry? but it needs done. especially since my boys are running low on clean socks. and pants. and hubby needs some clean work uniforms. and the towels could probably stand for a wash.

so what am i doing right now?

baking of course! in the oven right now is a pecan pie. and i had plans for other projects, but i ran out of eggs.

soon though, i'll tackle the laundry. i think i've put it off for just about as long as i can. and it'll save me from washing the dishes i've dirtied in the kitchen.

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