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September 15, 2010

starting over again, take 4... million

i know i know, i have started this and erased everything here many times over. but seeing as nobody has ever read a word of it, i don't feel so bad. so now here's to a fresh new start.

yes, i know i've said those exact words before, and things went well for a few weeks, or one week, or three days if you count that one time. and then, as it seems with all of my "projects" i gave up or lost focus or got distracted by that shiny piece of string over there. but this time will be different, this time i know i can stick with it, this time i shall follow through!

look at me, so cute and full of hope and promise. really though, there is a very good reason that i know i can do this, and it's simply that i have done this blogging thing before. for the past little while i've been reading different blogs, mostly about food, and i starting thinking that i'd like to try keeping a blog, because maybe people would be interested in the things that i have to say. of course i'd think of this and realize that technically i had a blog, one all covered in dust that i never really did anything worthwhile with. and so i'd forget about my desire to blog and move on with my life. i really don't think i ever forgot completely, it would always be there nagging me in the back of my head, that maybe this could finally be the thing that i could start and stick with.

i don't know what may me think of it, i was probably contemplating blogging's beginnings, but i suddenly realized a very amazing thing: i used to be a blogger. only, i didn't call it blogging back then, i don't think that term existed back then, it was more like online and public journalling. so yes, i was technically a blogger for a good two and a half years, i wrote everyday, and i even had a following! of course, that was ten years ago, and i doubt the site even exists now. and also, i remembered the sad occurrences that happened that made me give it all up. still, i was successful and did it then, so as long as i keep in mind those important lessons i learned, this should all be a piece of cake! right?

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