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February 3, 2011

i don't want no drama llamas on dis trip

today i get to start preparing to head to jtown to visit the in-laws. it's a super birthday fun weekend, what with my niece's birthday party on saturday, my mother-in-law's actual birthday on sunday, and, just to make things easier on everyone else, round one of fishie's first birthday party is on sunday also.

oh yeah, and the steelers are in the super bowl this sunday, which is cause for much celebration. it's kind of required when your hubby and his family and most of your friends grow up and live in a town less than two hours from pittsburgh. a town that is super into football in all forms. a town, in fact, where the movie all the right moves was filmed and set. so you all can guess what i'll be doing on sunday.

that's right, running around trying to keep the kiddies quiet and out from in front of the tv.

so i know i'm i for a fun weekend. as long as your idea of fun is mounds of stress dealing with groups of people that don't always get along. and people that like to cause drama for drama's sake. and all the dynamic family bonds that can exist between sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers. and cousins, my kiddies and all their cousins, my lovely nieces and nephews, all crammed in together for fun family bonding.

really, it's not all bad. but everybody has different ideas on parenting. and opinions. loudly expressed opinions about what you're doing wrong when raising your own children. now i know that my hubby and i sometimes think outside of the box when dealing with our kids, but we do what works for us. and the most important part is that we agree on how we want to raise our children. we're not doing things like how my parents did or like how his parents did, we have our own style and our own way. a way which happens to be different from his parents and his sisters.

so i know this weekend will include a lot of smiling and nodding and trying to be nice. because one of the worst parts of all of this is the fact that if i do something that really pisses everybody off, i don't actually hear about it. for some reason instead of telling me, they tell my hubby. i really don't know why, because if they have a problem with my actions, then they need to tell me. but that's not how things usually go down. and because i love my hubby so, and i really do respect his parents, i try to be nice and keep my crazy to a minimum.

i don't want to cause problems for anybody, and i know the best way is to just keep my mouth shut. i don't need people telling me how to raise my kids, so i really shouldn't go around and tell people how to raise their own. we all have our own styles, and our kids are individuals themselves, so of course everyone will be doing things differently and dealing with situations differently. hopefully we can all get together and have a nice time, which i think is possible if we can all remember to be civil to each other.

if nothing else, there are kids who are having birthday parties, that is the important thing to keep in mind. they are the ones that need to have a good time, and they are the ones that we need to focus on making happy. hopefully all the drama will be left at home.

if nothing else, my beautiful fishie will have an awesome pink and black cake. because she's my little punk princess, and she's got the skull socks to prove it.

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