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February 17, 2011

"glub glub glub" is "happy birthday" in fish speak

happy birthday to you, you're one hundred and two, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too! and many more.

yes, my dear fishie is one today. and that version up there is the happy birthday song my boys have adopted to sing to all people when it's their birthday. just some of the fun stuff they bring home from public school.

but a year already? where did the time go? not that she's so little, but she still seems so little to me. she's still just figuring out her world. every once in a great while, she still gets up in the middle of the night and needs to be cuddled back to sleep. she's still my littlest baby girl.

though i suppose she'll always be my littlest baby girl, no matter how old she gets. i don't ever see her passing her brothers in size. and i know for 100% sure that she'll never had a younger sibling (hubby and i decided i was broken when i had her, and so i got myself fixed). still, i call lumpy my littlest baby boy, and he barely fits on my lap anymore, but we try and cuddle anyway. and even my biggest boy bumble still cuddles with me, but then he's such a lover, he likes to sit and cuddle with everybody.

anyway, this post has gone wandering and now to get back on track. i wanted to say that, while this year has seemed to just fly by, i still think i've been able to really enjoy all the fun of fishie's babyhood. and being that this'll be the last of my little babies, i'm really trying to make the most of my time.

even though she's not taking bottles anymore, i still remember holding her in my arms, watching her slowly nod off while sucking down that last meal of the day. i have to admit it's funny, but i don't remember breastfeeding her so much. i tried, in the beginning, with all of my kids, but bumble was the only one i was at all successful with. i can still remember his little face looking up at me while he was latched on. all the night time feedings with b, me stumbling into his room and picking him up and him just going to town. it's something i never got with lumpy, and oddly enough, something i really don't remember much of with fish. though i know it happened, but maybe the lack of sleep haze i was living through kind of affected my long term memories of those times.

anyway, i can still remember when she was smaller, before she started really moving. she had a play mat that i would put her down on in the middle of the floor, and she would look up and kick at her toys and laugh at her reflection in her little mirror. now, half of my living room is encircled by baby gates and she still manages to find a way to get into all of the things she's not supposed to. when she is finally big enough to climb up onto the furniture i know it'll be all over, because that was the point when her brothers also figured out how to climb over the baby gates holding them in.

she's just getting too old too fast. though i still can count on bath time for cute baby fun. fishie is so nicknamed for a reason, she loves her baths and she loves the water. but she's still unsure of it sometimes. she has little bath toys she plays with, and sometimes she sprays herself with the water squirter ones, and so she startles herself and begins to cry. it's cute and funny and so silly, i can't help but laugh. while comforting her of course.

anyway, i think this post is rambling enough. i could go on and on about how cute and sweet my baby girl is. i could talk for hours how happy she is, how grown she's getting, and how small she still seems. but i think i'll end it here. i do still have a baby to cuddle with after all.

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