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April 23, 2012

a cupcake party is the best kind of party

tonight i am helping my dear hubby host a cupcake party for his lovely cub scout den, as it is the last official meeting of the year. next friday is crossover, and then they don't have any den meetings until september or so.

i would like to say he had to twist my arm, because then i could say that he owed me for all my help, but honestly i'm the one that came up with the idea. his idea was to have a pizza party. i told him, and i think so did some of the parents of his cub scouts, that eating pizza at a meeting that starts at 7pm on a school night is just too late. he had wanted me to make cupcakes to bring, but i told him that if they weren't going to eat pizza, then they could decorate cupcakes as an activity to keep the kids busy while the parents went over all the important info.

and so now i am going to be in charge of all the kids while he talks with the grown ups. under normal circumstances, i would be freaking out. i can barely wrangle my own children, and to have to direct kids that aren't mine, that is a huge source of stress. but i know i'll be ok tonight, because there is cake involved. and i've actually done something like this before.

when bumble turned seven, one of this birthday party activities was letting the kids decorate their own cupcakes while the adults ate the big cake with all the candles stuck into it. i learned much from that experience, like there's no point in helping most of the kids, because they don't care so much how pretty their cupcakes look, they're going more for how many toppings they can stick on it.

and so, tonight, i am preparing for the fun and the mess. i have a box worth of cupcakes already baked off and cooling. dear hubby wants to bring all 24, in case parents want to decorate also. or siblings show up, like how we're bringing lumpy and fishie. i also have rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, a bag of chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and enough plastic cups to divide up the toppings so each kid can have their own. i also a plastic table cloth that will hopefully contain the mess, and the plates and napkins should help too. i have yet to make the icing, but the plan is to put some in a plastic bag so that everybody gets their own. it also means that they kids can just squeeze on the icing, which i'm hoping will be less messy then handing out plastic knives to spread it.

hubby's plan is to let me get all the kids set up decorating their snack, and he will put a movie on for them to watch. then it's just a matter of hanging out and cleaning up after. it should be fun. or at least interesting. and i know it will be good practice for the next brilliant idea i decide to try out at a birthday party.

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