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April 12, 2012

bubbles, tiny bubbles

one would think that after all these years of having kids, the wonder and amazement of children about the simplest things wouldn't surprise me so much. and yet, it does. the way the boys get when they learn new things, see an interesting new bug, or realize something that they can do all by themselves, they get so excited.

fishie, of course, is just as excited and amazed with herself and her new abilities. with her, though, it's even more amusing to watch, because the things that captivate her are sometimes such simple things. i forget how young she is, and how things are still so new for her. like blowing bubbles.

every easter, the big bunny puts bubbles stuff in their easter baskets. maybe he knows how much the boys like blowing bubbles. or maybe he realizes the ridiculous amount of candy my kids get from everyone else and knows they don't need a basket full from him. so for whatever reason, every year my kids get bubble stuff.

now, this year wasn't fishie's first easter, technically it was her third, but in the previous years, she was a little young to realize that she got anything beyond lollipops. this year, though, she's been able to sample most of the different types of candy in her basket. and a few days ago, it was nice enough that i took her outside to show her the bubbles she got.

every year, my kids and i blow bubbles. the boys still like it, and they've gotten big enough that i've started buying them the special wands that make the huge bubbles. so now it turns into a competition about who can blow the biggest bubbles. or they let me blow giant bubbles and they have a race to see who can pop the most.

this year, fish finally gets the concept of blowing and not trying to drink the bubble stuff or put the wand in her mouth (huzzah for being non-toxic). so i took her outside and was showing her how to blow bubbles. then, being the independent sort of toddler that she is, she took everything out of my hands and did it herself. and she was amazing at blowing bubbles. and of course she was amazed at herself. we had to stay outside until she ran out of bubble stuff.

the next day, we "borrowed" some of her brothers' bubbles and blew more. and then we blew through everything we had and i had to go buy more. now i'm looking around for a good recipe to make more, because i see many days of blowing bubbles in our future.

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