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April 11, 2012

my boys are funny without even trying

allow me to set the stage: last night, at dinner, it was just my boys and fishie and one grammy and me. dinner was pretty much a flop, i should have started earlier or set the oven temperature higher, and even a quick shot in the microwave at the end didn't save it, but i'm over it. anyway, while the boys are finishing up eating, we were all trying to get dear fish to name her body parts. it helps to keep her distracted from throwing things when she's done eating, plus i think it's important stuff for her to know.

so we were going over her knee and her elbow and her chin. and then lumpy was trying to get her to say "feet," because he kept asking her about a body part that starts with an "f." i was trying to tell him that she doesn't understand which words start with what letters, that's a little beyond her at this point. she didn't understand she was supposed to say "feet," so she said "toes" instead. with little boys, and a sister that is starting to say anything, that got us on a discussion of stinky feet and stinky toes.

and then the one dog started barking, as he often does. and fishie's new favorite thing to ask is "what's that noise?" i explained it was probably a squirrel at the bird feeder. the boys didn't want to let the talk of stinky toes drop, so they asked her again who has stinky feet, and she came up with squirrels are stinky.

and then dear lumpy said that "squirrels are stinky because they smell like nuts."

yes, really. i almost died trying not to laugh. because it was funny, but i don't think it was funny the way he meant. he honestly doesn't like the smell of tree nuts, like walnuts and pecans. still, we were talking body parts, and they are boys. and body humor is hilarious when you're seven. it's just not appropriate dinner conversation, hence the trying not to laugh.

of course, it was pretty funny. the things they come up with sometimes amaze me, and they things they can get away with saying.

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