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April 2, 2012

here comes peter cotton tail, hopping down the bunny trail

easter is now less then a week away, so today i decided to get my butt in gear and go get what i need for easter morning. and i really had to do it today, because the rest of the week is pretty much scheduled full of family fun.

tomorrow i have to try and find suits for the boys to wear. or at least a dress shirt and pants. i believe bumble has outgrown everything he had, which means lumpy is covered with hand-me-downs. but they both also need new dress shoes. honestly, they wouldn't need them if i hadn't gotten them such awesome fancy shoes to wear for their aunt's wedding last year, but they loved those stupid shoes so much they barely made it through christmas looking nice.

then on wednesday we are going to have dinner with my dad. we are also picking up the boys' old bunk bed so we can take it with us when we go to visit all the in-laws on thursday and friday and saturday. dear hubby and i have a plan for the new house, one that involves loft beds for the boys so we can store their stuff under them. and so we are taking their old wooden bunk bed and trading to my father-in-law for the loft bed he has for when the grandkids stay.

sometime while we're uptown we plan on having an easter dinner with my hubby's family. it's supposed to happen on friday, because our goal is to leave by noon on saturday. saturday is already going to be busy, what with dying eggs and making dessert for the big dinner that is happening on sunday.

and so, today while the boys are in school, fish and i went easter shopping. i picked up paper grass to put in the bottoms, which made me so happy that they've finally come out with it en-mass so it's cheap enough for me to buy. i always hated that plastic grass stuff, it got so static-y that it would stick to everything. i also bought buckets to put all their candy in. i figured buckets would be more useful than baskets that we'd only use once. they do have proper baskets, which are in a box somewhere amongst the rest of our stuff.

i'm guessing it's because we are very close to getting a house, but the need to buy replacement baskets because i couldn't get to their's wasn't panic inducing like it was with their christmas stockings. i just hated the fact i had to get them cheap stockings, and was probably overly upset by it. but it just didn't feel right to me. now though, with these baskets/buckets, it doesn't seem like such a big deal. it's a momentary speed bump on the way to better things. and because i can keep the bigger picture in mind, it's one i can totally handle.

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