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April 24, 2012

green marshmallow fluff

lately, things have been very strange. new and strange things happening, with no real explanation. the normal day to day seems to cause more stress than usual. people acting not like themselves. it's all thrown me for a loop.

and i don't like loops. i get motion-sick. like for real. hence why i will never see a 3-D movie, i have enough troubles with my tummy doing flip flops watching regular movies.

anyway, the point i was trying to get at is that there seems to be a new normal going on. and change is scary. and confusing. like, all of a sudden, i now like pineapple. i know, it's like the world's gone bonkers and somebody forgot to tell me.

pineapple and i have a long and storied past. not really, it's just i've never been a fan. and it's funny, because there is something common each of my sisters and i, who will eat almost anything, don't like. for me, it was always pineapple. for my youngest sister, it is the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. and for my middle sister, it is coconut. normal things we just don't like, even though we'll all happily the strangest ethnic cuisine.

since i've had kids, though, my dear hubby and i have a policy that we want the kids to at least try a food before they say they don't like. it's fine if they refuse after they've given it a go, but a flat out refusal is not acceptable. which also means, to set a good example, he and i have to eat a little bit of everything. and how i love him for trying some of my kitchen experiments. casseroles might not be pretty, but they can still taste good!

so yes, the point i was getting at was that i now like pineapple. sometimes. when it's mixed with or eaten with other things. and if it's cold, because just the smell of hot pineapple turns my stomach, so i don't care how awesome you tell me grilled pineapple or sweet and sour chicken is.

this new attitude toward pineapple really started a few weeks before easter. i was looking around at different dessert recipes, as i'm want to do, and i noticed one for watergate salad. easy and simple and just a few ingredients, one of which was a can of crushed pineapple. i'm not sure why it stuck in my head. maybe because it also has mini marshmallows, which i love. or maybe it's because it's green color comes from pistachio pudding, which i also love. plus it has cool whip and chopped pecans, both good things. and really, that's it, the whole recipe. measure everything out and mix it in one big bowl. store in the fridge and enjoy.

so, during easter, i made a pineapple upside down cake, which normally i wouldn't eat. but i tried a piece. and it was good. which got me thinking about watergate salad again. and so i finally broke down and made some. and it is good. very good. light and fluffy and creamy. and even though you can tell there's pineapple in it, it still makes me happy. i could probably eat the whole container myself, which isn't so bad considering i bought the sugar-free versions of all the ingredients.

i let the boys try it, and bumble thought it was good also. because of the marshmallows and the consistency, he called it green marshmallow fluff, which i think is a more descriptive name than watergate. i let lumpy try it also, but he couldn't get over the texture of it. dear fish wouldn't even try it, but i picked out some of the marshmallows to feed her, which she happily ate. my husband and my mother both said it reminds them of ambrosia, which i suppose is true.

so all in all, it's good. and i like it. even if it does have pineapple in it. i guess it's just a new normal for me.

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