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January 27, 2012

another baking challenge

i'm thinking of entering another online baking recipe contest thing. yeah, i think i need to first think of a better thing to call it so when i explain to people what i'm doing, it doesn't take half the day.

and i do say another contest thingy, because i did enter one in the past. you can read all about it here. spoiler alert: i didn't win. also, fun fact: that post contains the only picture i've ever posted on my blog. check it out for that, if nothing else.

anyway, through twitter, i noticed that auntie anne's is having a recipe contest. you can read all about it on their site. i'm sure you must know that auntie anne's is just one of the most fabulous pretzel places ever, conveniently found in most malls. in this general area at least. i have come to realize that pennsylvania is kind of known for our love of pretzels in all varieties.

i've always had a soft spot for their pretzels. well, pretzels in general. but then for auntie anne's specifically when working for them became the second job i ever had. which was also super fun because i had to wear a name tag while working there. (in case you didn't know, my name is anne, spelled with an "e" and everything, very meta, no?)

so now they're having a contest to create a recipe using their pretzel dough that can be made with their take-home baking kits. and guess who just happened to get one of those kits for christmas? well of couse it was me, i wouldn't be mentioning it if it wasn't.

anyway, now i am thinking about how to use pretzel dough to make something other than pretzels. and something other than the other sample recipes they have listed on their site. i'm pretty sure i'll do something that falls into the dessert category, i'm just not sure what. when i do figure it out, i will let you all know.

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