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January 14, 2012

irresponsible or pointless? an update and something new!

i realized that i had never shared an update to this post. go read it if you haven't, i'll wait.

done? good. moving on....

so in the end, i did get lumpy a flu shot. honestly, i was still debating it, but when i had to go to the doctor's anyway, i figured while i was there i might as well. let me tell you, to a six year old, having a tick dug out of your neck and getting a shot makes it the worst doctor's appointment ever.

this week i came to realize i am very glad i did get dear lump a flu shot. as you might remember, my hubby went down with the flu earlier in the week. and for all the close contact we have, none of the kids got it. my moms didn't even get sick. i count my not getting sick on the kindness of the universe, because i didn't get a flu shot either. but still, everyone that is especially susceptible to getting sick did not.

though i have a theory about the flu and lumpy. he doesn't get the kind that affects the tummy. he only gets the kind that affects the chest and head, flu shot or no flu shot. still, if getting a shot can prevent me from having to deal with vomiting children, they're all getting shots every year.

the other update i'd like to share is that, since i made the original post, we have gone to see his pulmonary specialists. they ran their tests and his numbers are good. unfortunately, because it hasn't been cold enough this winter, there hasn't been a good hard freeze. and so there is still mold and spores and all those fun things that trigger a reaction in lumpy. so even though it's january, i still have to give him some of his extra meds. the ones he hates the taste of. the ones that really wind him up.

the thing that just breaks my heart through all of this is that we're not going to be able to ween him off his meds any time soon. he had done so well over summer, been so normal, his doctors and i were talking about, if he had a good fall, stopping his medicine over the next few months. it's what i was hoping would happen. and then the wet and the rain and the flooding all happened, and it was a bad fall. so i had to use his rescue inhaler and give him his extra just-in-case medicine.

and now we have to wait until his follow-up in six months to see if we can take a break over the summer again. there was no talk at this appointment about being able to stop his medicine, only that if he can keep his numbers up and his condition controlled we'd be able to switch to once a year checks instead of every six months.

i love my boy, but it just kills me to watch him now and to know what he could be like. how calm and normal and focused he could be. he's all hyper and wound up and there are so many times where i wish he had an off button, or just a mute button from his unceasing rambling.

all i can do now is just hope that one day he'll be ok enough to live medicine free. but first we need twelve good months. and that just seems impossible.

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