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January 6, 2012

new years resolutions

first off, before some of you think that i'm a little late in jumping on the new years resolution band wagon, i'm not. yes, i know, everybody who's anybody has already talked about all the good they're going to do and all the things they're going to change. most people also did a year-end wrap up in december, but i don't really go in for that either.

personally, i wait to really talk about my resolutions until at least a week into the new year. sure, i think about them for awhile, all the things i didn't like about last year, and what i can do to change them, and that's how i come up with what my resolutions are going to be for the coming year. but i wait to actually talk about them for a little bit. that way, if i try and fail in the first week, no one else needs to know about it.

it makes it sound like i can actually stick to the things i set out to do, as opposed to what usually happens, which is that i come up with about fifty different things i really want to try and do and change, and then by the end of the first week i've given up on most of them.

this list is what remains, a hard boiled version of my new years resolutions, short, sweet, and (hopefully) do-able:

1. blog more... because i had been doing really well, then this place started looking pretty sad. so far so good.

2. tweet more... not that i have many (hardly any) followers. but tweeting gives me the freedom to ramble in manageable chunks without taking over facebook news feeds.

3. eat healthier... this is sort of the generic lose weight/get in shape resolution everybody makes. only i've decided to make baby steps. so more fruit and veg and less junk. i think i can do this.

4. be more sociable... i hope to get out more with people and do things. or at least start talking to the parents at lumpy's cubscout meeting, instead of pretending i'm invisible.

5. finish the things i start, and not give up half-way through just because things get hard... you know, like these resolutions.

really, that's it. yeah, there are a few personal resolutions i made, ones that i'm not going to talk about here. but really, for me, four is a manageable list. five is something i can accomplish. maybe i'll give updates throughout the year to let you know how i do.

unless i give up halfway through, again.

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