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January 31, 2012

trust in love

maybe it's because it's almost valentine's day. or maybe it's because i know a bunch couples getting married over the next year, and i have been hearing all about it. or maybe it's because i know multiple people that are not in relationships, and i've been hearing about their single-hood. whatever the reason, i have been thinking a lot about my own romantic relationship. and so, i'd like to talk a bit about what i think the most important thing is in any relationship, hopefully without getting so personal that dear hubby gets upset.

if you've never realized it, we are very private people and don't like to over-share.

says the lady with a blog.

anyway, i guess i should mention, before i really get started, that maybe trust isn't the most most most important thing in a relationship, but i have come to realize over the years, it is what sets my and my hubby's relationship apart. it's simply that we trust each other. completely and without question.

i trust that he will always try his best. that he will put us first whenever he can. that, if we agree to do something, he will back me up 100%. i trust that he will never lie to me or hide things from me, that he will be open and honest. and that he will be understanding. i trust that he'll never cheat or deceive, and if something's wrong, he'll let me know.

and he trusts that i will do the same. which i always will.

because of this trust, i realize that i have an amazing amount of freedom in our relationship. which is really the main thing i've noticed that is different from some of our friends' relationships. i am free to have random friends, guy friends, guys that he's never met, because he knows that i would never do "anything stupid." i would never do anything that would jeopardize his trust in me. and so i am free to have friends and associates and he doesn't get jealous. which is a wonderful freedom.

and likewise, he is allowed and able to have random female friends. girls he sees at stores or meets at work. ones that might, and have, called or emailed him. and it honestly doesn't bother me at all. no, really is doesn't. because i know him and i know us and i am not worried about what he might do or could do. because i know what he won't do.

it also helps that i am secure in the knowledge that there isn't anybody else out there that would want either of us. we are both crazy nuts, it just so happens that our craziness compliments each other. we both know we'd never find anyone else that we'd fit with as well as we fit together. and from that trust is born.

whatever may happen in this world, in this life, i trust that my dear hubby will always be there for me. and i know that trust is not misplaced.

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