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January 19, 2012

quick and easy and (hopefully) fabulous

my thoughts are a jumble. with everything that's happened over the past few days, i keep trying to write and my mind goes off in a million other directions. and i really want to talk about what's been going on with me and with my family. but, until i can get things straight in my own head, the posts i've tried to write have turned in to pages of rambling non sequitur mess.

and so, instead, i will talk about what i'm going to make for dinner. because food is something concrete i can focus on. concrete and hopefully delicious.

yesterday, in and amongst everything else, i went grocery shopping. and there, in the refrigerated dairy case, were tubes of discounted crescent rolls. i believe they were discounted because the store had stocked up for the holidays, with people buying them to make with dinner, and these poor tubes of dough were left over. they could've also been so cheap because they expire today.

in any case, i bought three tubes, and have been racking my brain as to what to make with them. now, i know any normal person would just pop them out and roll them up and bake them off as they are intended, but i think it has been long established that i am not any normal person.

so i've been searching through my recipe files and the interwebs, looking for a fun and tasty crescent roll based treat. something easy (partly because i'm feeling lazy today and partly because i have a million and one things to do), but mostly something that i can entice my kids into eating. and when i say "kids," i mean all four of them, especially the one that's older than i.

would you believe that the official pillsury site, the most famous makers of pop-tube dough products, does not have a good way to search through the recipes on their site by their product? i can search by main ingredient, like the kind of meat i want to use, or by meal, but i did not find a good way to search through all of their recipes by product. the closest thing i found was a quick search option that only brought up five or so recipes, and i know they have to have more than that.

and so, i was forced to fall back on one of my favorite generic recipe search sites, cooksrecipes.com. and there i found this recipe, which is technically for an appetizer. but i think i can make them pop tart sized and it'll still work. and of course i'll add extra cheese so there's less complaining from the kiddies. add a veg on the side and it's an easy dinner.

if only everything in life was this easy to figure out.

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