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January 23, 2012

a love letter to twitter

dearest twitter,

i just couldn't go on without telling you how much i adore you.

no really, i do. you allow me to be me. you bring out the best in me. and if by best i happen to mean most random and inane, then yes, totally, it is the best of me.

if not exactly the best, it's at least all of me. at my best. at my worst. i don't over think or over-analyze like to do with others (i'm looking at you, facebook). i just post. and post again. and again.

that is your most beautiful quality. i can post as much as i want, several times a day, and it seems so appropriate. it's what you were made for. where as it seems silly trying that other places. not that i have to be serious with them, but you get my quirkiness. you understand my randomness. you allow me to be silly and crazy. and best of all, you don't judge.

or if you do, but it's ok, because i know there are so many crazier and stranger than i. and it's ok if i come off as sounding like a 12 year old girl. no one really sounds super mature in 140 characters.

i'll save being a grownup for when i'm making "status updates." with you, i'll continue to be a tweeting twit.


ps~ just think how much more we'd see each other if i actually had a fancy phone that i could tweet from. one day, my love, one day.

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