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January 30, 2012

one pan of happy

i've talked about a lot of random stuff here over the years, but i don't think i ever spoke of my love of casseroles. and so, today, i shall rectify that oversight.

casseroles are one of the perfect foods. in my mind at least. they're usually really easy to throw together, and they bake all in one pan. and you can assemble them days in advance, freeze them, and bake them off later. they use up all sorts of random fridge ingredients, which helps get rid of leftovers and all those odds and ends i'm sure everybody has.

now, i do have to admit that my kids are not really big fans of casseroles. unlike me, they like to eat everything separately, and heaven help us if the food on their plates touch. i, on the other hand, really like to eat everything mixed together. to be able to get one perfect bite, the contrasts of flavors and textures all mixed together in your mouth, i think that is perfect.

the other thing i love casseroles for is they are a blank canvas of experimentation. i have so many basic recipes filed away, but i know i can pull one out and use it how i want. i can add chicken, or use pork instead. if it calls for cheese, i can use whatever i have. and it's so easy to throw extra veggies in the mix to trick the kids into eating more. and if it calls for bread crumbs on top, i can add cheese or spices, or even use crushed chips if i want an especially fun and crunchy top. as long as you keep the ratios of liquids to solids close, you're free to throw in whatever you want.

basically, i know that i could eat casserole every night for the rest of my life, and there would still be endless variety. casseroles are the perfect food.

right after chocolate cake.

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