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January 16, 2012

happy tummy brunch

i made brunch yesterday. honestly, i've always liked brunch, but i've never made it before.

well technically, i'm sure i've made brunch sometime in my life. it's just been so long it seems like never.

and so i made brunch. and it was delicious. it was how i would love to eat in the morning every day. in truth, i'd love to eat brunch for dinner every night, but dear hubby doesn't like breakfast food for dinner. which is really crazy because he works at night and eating at night is his breakfast. sometimes i don't know why i married him. at least he shares my love of bacon and real maple syrup.

anyway, i have all these great recipes for brunch foods, so i thought it might be hard to pick what to make. really, it was easy once i thought a bit about it.

i was making brunch because of my love of breakfast. want to know what else i love? casseroles! so i made an egg and sausage casserole with lots and lots of cheese. i left out the peppers and onions it called for, because i knew everyone else wouldn't be a fan, but i was able to sneak in some garlic. seriously, i use garlic in just about everything. it ranks right up there with cinnamon and cumin as my all time favorite spices.

every year for christmas, my moms get fun and fancy foods as gifts. a few months ago i found some well past their expiration date, forgotten in the back of the cupboard. this year they got an assortment of jellies. there was apple butter and pumpkin butter and sweet potato butter, and there was no way i was going to let those go bad, hidden in obscurity. so, to showcase their deliciousness, i made scones. i also happened to have some orange ginger marmalade. i keep thinking how i should have made clotted cream, but there's always next time.

i also made cinnamon rolls (from a pop-tube i'm ashamed to admit). and of course we had orange juice and coffee.

all in all it was a lovely meal. i can't say that i'll make brunch every weekend, because i know i won't always have the time. but i'm thinking i will try again sometime very soon.

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