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March 22, 2012

a sunny spring in the form of sugary goodness

maybe it's just me, but in times of stress, i turn to sugar. it comforts me. and if it's a sugary treat that i'm making myself, the process of creating it is great therapy. baking is a science, and for things to go right you need to be exacting and orderly. when everything else goes wrong, i know i can turn to my recipe box, and as long as i follow the rules i'm guaranteed success. as opposed to the rest of my life where nothing is guaranteed to go right.

and so, after a panic inducing weekend, i came home and made rice crispy treats. but not just any rice crispy treats, i threw a bunch of m&ms in there, for their pretty colors. and for chocolate of course. and, because i kind of missed out on making fun st. patrick's day fun, i decided to really make the rice crispy treats look fun, festive, and rainbow colored by pressing sprinkles all over the top. cripsy, chewy, sweet, and colorful, these treats were just what i needed to perk myself up. in fact, until about 3pm, all i ate yesterday was small slices of rice crispy treats. honestly, that much marshmallow doesn't make for a happy tummy.

today, my thoughts are turning to fudge. but not just any fudge, i'm thinking lemon fudge. now, i know that probably sounds really strange to you, but i have a serious thing for lemons. and, around valentine's day, i found a recipe for strawberry fudge that only uses two ingredients. the strawberry flavor comes from strawberry frosting, which i despise with the power of a thousand suns (seriously, that stuff is so gross), but i was thinking the formula of a bag of chips and a tub of frosting could be adapted by using other flavors. of course, with my family, my first thought was peanut butter chips and chocolate frosting, which i have yet to try. but then, while walking through the store, i noticed the lemon frosting, which spoke to me. chocolate and peanut butter is a classic combination, but it's one i can make at home using other recipes. lemon fudge, on the other hand, is a recipe i don't have, one i've never seen. and so today, i have plans to make a sunny, lemon yellow fudge, with pretty yellow sanding sugar. it's going to be awesome.

the other thing i found in the store, which must have magically jumped in my cart because how else did it get back to my house, is pink lemonade frosting. it's actually a new product, or at least one i've never seen before. they even have a pink lemonade cake mix and a cookie mix. i thought the frosting and the cake together might be a bit much for those that don't love lemon like i do, and i thought all that baby pink might throw off the boys, so i just picked up the frosting to try on vanilla cake. still, i can't get those cookies and all their possibilities out of my head. think of using the cookie mix to make a cookie pizza, maybe spread with some of this and throw some sliced strawberries on top. that sounds like an easy easter dessert to me.

so yeah, i think i've got sugar on the brain. now that it really feels like spring, i'm imagining all the fun and sunny dessert possibilities, nothing too heavy, and everything in pretty pastel shades. they're not my favorite types of desserts (i'm way more of a cinnamon and apple and pumpkin type of girl), but after the strange winter we've had, it gives my mind a creative and happy direction to focus on.

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