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March 1, 2012

warming houses with a party!

it's probably way too early to be thinking about a housewarming party. mostly because that kind of party takes having a house. which we don't. not yet. but we will! eventually.

and i like parties. and having people over. and showing off my culinary skills. and sugar and baking and fun.

so i figure, what better way to warm a house then with an oven? like housewarming while baking treats, not like redneck heating by leaving the oven door open. which is totally dangerous and stupid. not that i've ever seen it done in real life or anything.

anyway, something else i like to do is plan parties. usually just in my head because i don't like to talk to people, and if i were to have a party, i would be required to tell people about it and invite them over. and then probably talk to them while they're here.

have i mentioned that i might have a few issues?

so yeah, i've been planning the housewarming party i will eventually have. and because i can't imagine how i'll set it up or what things will look like, i've just been envisioning the menu. because the whole point is to have people over so they can wander around and look at our new house and marvel at our mismatched furniture and random "decorations" shoved on bookshelves and generally wonder why we have half the crap we do, i've been planning an appetizer style menu. little bits and bites perfect for carrying and munching.

so there will be meatballs and shrimp, because all three of my boys like meatballs and shrimp. but not together, because that would be kind of gross. veggies and chips and dip of course. and a cheese tray, because i like to pretend i'm a fancy lady, and fancy ladies totally love cheese, like nice melty brie or goat's milk cheese on crackers. maybe i'll even make some of my spiced mixed nuts, because i haven't done that in a long while.

i'm sure i'll have other savory foods, but mostly, in my head, i've been planning the dessert side of the snacks. like various brownies and cookies. and fancy cupcakes perhaps. and maybe a parfait, because "you know what everybody likes? everybody likes parfaits!" (if i could find a good clip of that scene, i'd totally be linking it)

anyway, i know it's really early to think about such things, but planning this party gives me something happy to think about. a direction to send my rambling thoughts when i lay awake at night and my brain just won't turn off. most of this might not even happen, if things go the way they usually do. best laid plans always falling through and such. and some might think i'm jinxing myself, like counting chickens when all i have are eggs. still, i'm happy in my delusions, and i like to think i'm not hurting anybody, so where's the harm?


  1. The parfait scene is my absolute favorite. Shrek right? I always quote it and few people connect it. :) Maybe when you have this party Justin and I can finally get out there to see you guys.

    1. it would be awesome if you guys could come down. trust me, i plan on inviting everyone i know. i want a huge house party, it's been YEARS since i've had one.... it'll just wait until after we've settled in a bit. first though, we need to find a house!