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March 19, 2012

winter camp

this weekend was filled with fun and things and stuff and busy-ness. the boys and i went to winter camp with the cub scouts, a first for lumpy and i. if nothing else, i know he had a great time. the one dark patch was that i didn't think to bring sunscreen, and it was so lovely over the weekend, i ended up getting sunburned. still, all in all, my boys did very well and we are very proud of them.

it was nice, at least as far as bumble is concerned, to get to stand back and watch him interact with kids i've mostly just heard about and see how he did. sometimes he tells me how things go, and i've learned not to always take him literally. he's with a good group of kids, and watching them all play made me realize how good it is for him to interact with them in a more controlled environment then what he gets when he's at school with no parents around. my hubby is the one that was with him last year, so i missed out on most of the fun, but this year i got to go through it with lumpy.

and dear lumpy was his usual fun self. he had a blast, and for him it was doubly fun, because his den and his brother's den were together, so it was a huge group of kids he knows and already played with. there were times where he got all hyped up, and i could hear him rambling on and on, but everybody was very nice about it.

the other interesting thing for me was that i was finally able to really put names and faces together with the parents of the kids in bumble's den. it's very strange, sometimes, when they all know me through things my hubby and bumbles has said, but we've never been introduced so i really didn't know who they were. and with my hubby not being one for taking pictures, it's sometimes hard to remember who is who when they've only been pointed out in a crowd. and with me being so bad with names, it really made things tough.

so overall, it was a fun time. still, i think it's more something i can check off my list then look forward to. for me, there's too much else involved in the background that gets in the way of enjoying it. but i know it's important, and i will probably go again next year if the boys are split up into different cabins. it was nice they were together this year because my hubby wasn't able to make it the whole time and i was able to stay with both of them. besides, there are very few things that lumpy is actually willing to do with me, his not so cool parent that doesn't go quad riding or fishing or play football with him, so i know i need to cherish this time with him. eventually he'll get older and want to do things on his own and not have him lame mom following him around. even if he'll always be my baby boy.

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