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March 2, 2012

my kids are absent today because...

the boys are not going to school today. and of course i felt the need to make up an excuse when i sent a note in to school yesterday. and i tried very hard to think of an educational type excuse, to make this an excusable field trip, but i couldn't come up with anything.

because how do you explain in a note that the reason they're not in school is because they are getting new atv's, which need to be picked up in pittsburgh by 6pm. but first they have to go uptown to get their pap so he can travel along and make sure everything is all ok. because letting them go quad riding is the one thing they really love to do that we let them do, and it's how they can bond with both of their grandfathers.

and also, they are not in school today because they needed a break from school where they weren't sick. not that i think bumble is 100% alright and not sick, because he keeps getting up in the middle of the night and pacing. and he's decided he doesn't want to sleep on the bed again, so he sleeps under the bed surrounded by a wall of toys and stuffed animals. on a side note, i can only imagine what'll happen if he tries this at winter camp which is coming in a few weeks. because his dad can't come and i'll be in the other building with his brother. can you say fun?

and they're also not in school today because they are leaving in the morning to go uptown and i need help packing. as in, i feel they are old enough to pack for themselves with some supervision. but first they need to clean their room. though really the only reason they need to clean their room is because everything that gets stored under the bed was pulled out and thrown everywhere. the reason for such craziness i might have mentioned already.

lastly, the reason they're not in school today is because i needed a break. and getting them up and ready for school and on the bus and then coming home and packing and then picking them up three hours later, all while toting around an almost 40 pound baby that likes to scream to get my attention would have been it for me. all the hope in the world doesn't make things go right sometimes, and i just needed one day where i wasn't running around like a crazy person. and so, for me and my sanity, i kept them home.

the note i sent yesterday did not say any of that, though. i settled for "personal family problems," which i felt was as good a summary as i could come up with. and i know, i could have sent them. it just would have made for a very stressful morning. but every once in a while i want to do things the easy way. even if i'm judged as being lazy or lackadaisical. because i'm getting to the point where i realize that everybody raises their children differently, and some are just more different than others. and if different is the way i lean, i don't think it matters in the long run, as long as my kids are happy and healthy. because that's just the way it is sometimes.

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